Woonsocket teacher offers to pay someone with coronavirus to cough on Trump

A Woonsocket middle school teacher is accused of posting on twitter an offer to “pay someone with Covid-19 to cough on #Trump.” What a disgrace. The teacher is reportedly Amy Bednartz, a 6th grade teacher at Villa Nova Middle school in Woonsocket. The Woonsocket public schools are considered a failing system with 8th grade students at 10% in proficiency.  So far, no reaction of the new education commissioner or Governor Raimondo. Read the full story here… https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/rhode-island-public-school-teacher-offers-to-pay-for-someone-with-coronavirus-to-cough-on-president-trump/



Raimondo uses coronavirus crisis as audition for Biden VP slot

When one political door closes another opens. Governor Gina Raimondo went all in on being the first Governor to endorse Mike Bloomberg and became co-chair of the campaign. The Bloomberg campaign promised high profile exposure with national tv. It seemed Raimondo had made a shrewd calculated move that could payoff once billionaire Bloomberg “bought” the Democrat nomination. Then came the first debate and that was the end of the Bloomberg campaign. Behind the scenes, political sources say Raimondo has worked to try and repair her Biden snub by vowing to raise money and work hard, however, there appears to be a larger motivation. Sources say Governor Raimondo has now decided to use the coronavirus crisis as a vehicle to audition to be the Biden VP mix.

Raimondo appeared on MSNBC last week and embraced the role as a Governor in command. The Governor is conducting daily press briefings and seems to try to focus her message on her successful efforts to battle the virus compared to other Governors ( like Charlie Baker).   Biden announced during the last debate he is completely committed to a woman joining him on the ticket as his VP (click here)  and Raimondo feels the virus is her chance to at least get thrown into the mix of VP discussion.  To find out more listen to the John DePetro Radio show.