Breaking: Rhode Island coronavirus cases could be closer to 200

 Reliable medical sources claim Governor Gina Raimondo is purposely not disclosing the number of confirmed coronavirus in Rhode Island for fear it may cause panic. Sources claim the number of confirmed cases in Rhode Island is closer to 200. On Saturday March 14, Governor Raimondo claimed the number was up to twenty. During the week of March 9, Raimondo claimed the confirmed cases was five, then it rose to fourteen by Friday and twenty on Saturday. Medical sources say the major problem is confirmed cases who have relapsed. After a period of two weeks a cornavirus patient must test negative twice to be fully cleared and the testing is done five days apart.  Apparently, several patients tested negative after two weeks, went back to work (wrongly) get sick again only to test positive again later in the week. As a result, they unknowingly infected family, friends and co-workers.

The most serious situation to monitor is in Cranston where 1500 students at Cranston West may have been infected and spread coronavirus to family and friends. Listen to the John DePetro radio show for the latest.