Exclusive: Cranston West high school knew student had coronavirus for a week?


On Friday, March 13, Cranston West high school announced a student had tested positive for coronavirus and asked all students, families, and staff to quarantine for two weeks. What the Cranston schools did not disclose was they knew the student showed signs of the virus and did nothing to warn the Cranston West community. On March 6, radio host John DePetro reported on-air (seen in the video below) that a Cranston West female student had vomited, had a fever and collapsed at school. Was this a possible sign the virus had entered the school? Click on the video here.

DePetro further reported the student was possibly the child of a staff member of a hospital who had contact with Marc Thibault of St. Raphael’s and that staff member was showing symptoms of the virus. Thibault (who was on the infamous trip to Italy) is classified as patient zero for the Coronavirus in Rhode Island and went to a hospital shortly after he returned from Italy but was turned away. For a full week the Cranston school officials knew they possibly had a student with the coronavirus but said nothing. A teacher at Western Hills in Cranston contacted DePetro and requested DePetro “keep it quiet” and remarked, “You’re upsetting students in Cranston.” What is the possible fallout of waiting 7 days? The number of students from Cranston West high school ( over 1500 students) who may have coronavirus could lead to Cranston becoming the first containment zone in Rhode Island. The office of Governor Raimondo and the Rhode Island Department of Health have made a concerted effort to conceal the number of patients testing positive for the coronavirus as opposed to alerting the public. To find out what is truly going on listen to the John DePetro Radio Show.