Can Raimondo protect Rhode Island from the coronavirus?


Governor Gina Raimondo is under the gun as the coronavirus spreads into Rhode Island. Can a Governor with a 35% approval rating rally the state and take command? Raimondo has consistently dropped the ball on large projects like UHIP and Rhode Works.


The Governor was distracted by the failed Bloomberg campaign during the week the group from Saint Raphael’s returned from their infamous to Italy. Sources say on the trip the tour guide was ill and a senior man from the school handled his microphone. The tour guide has since tested positive. According to the school, they contacted the Rhode Island Department of Health and was told “no testing was necessary” and “no reason to quarantine” anyone from the trip. One day later, the school announced a senior member of the school tested positive and the school has been closed ever since. The man who tested positive was turned away from one hospital and ended up in another which demonstrates the confusion between the RIDOH and the local hospitals.

Governor Raimondo has declared a state of emergency although many might argue the state entered a state of emergency the day Chafee took office. For the latest, tune in to the John DePetro show.