Meet John DePetro

John DePetro Radio Talk Show Host RI

John DePetro is a New England  talk radio show host nationally recognized by Talkers Magazine as one of the Top 100 in the country. The John DePetro Show is currently heard in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut weekdays on WNRI from 11:am-2:pm. For the past 20 years,  DePetro has been a full-time talk host in both Boston, and Providence. John DePetro has also filled in on WABC, WMAL , KCMO, and KXNT.  John DePetro has experience on nationally syndicated programs like the Michael Savage program and the Chris Plante Show. The focus of the John DePetro show is the top news of the day with an emphasis on local news. The John DePetro Show covers all current event topics, however he is considered an expert on organized crime, politics, and political corruption. The John DePetro Show is known for humor delivered in an entertaining and informative manner with the focus on current events. John DePetro also has been on national TV in addition to local television.