Raimondo to incoming New Yorkers: ” Fuggeddaboudit”

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo has a message for all New Yorkers thinking of coming to stay in Rhode Island during the coronavirus crisis: ” NO dank you.” The Governor has caused a national controversy for her executive order to stop all vehicles coming into the state with New York plates and by having the National Guard go door to door to hunt down anyone from the Empire state. While her political hero Michael Bloomberg instituted stop-and-frisk in New York,  Raimondo has implimented  stop-and-test  for anyone resembling a resident of New York attempting to enter Rhode Island.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took to CNN to proclaim he will ” sue Rhode Island” unless they drop this order and described it as an “absurd overreaction.”


The nation looks on as two powerful Northeast Italian leaders have a beef over territory, the likes we have not seen since a dispute in the 70’s between the Patriarca crime family and the Gambino crime family.

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