Video: Did NK coach video naked boys?

The North Kingstown high school scandal gets worse as more details are revealed regarding allegations of a coach alone with naked boys. When the new high school was built, the coach ( who was also the video teacher) had an office behind his video studio and classroom. Many former students tell they felt the coach had filmed his “body fat” test, where he would have the boys strip down to under ware and sometimes naked. Certain players were told they did not have to perform the test. Why? When some students came forward to tell teachers about what had happened, they were asked if they got an erection or aroused by the incident. Other coaches knew and did nothing to stop it. 14 year old boys told they had to be naked and alone with a coach in a closet where they had to strip down as he touched them. The coach had a video camera outside his office to monitor anyone coming down the hall and still not one adult stopped it. We have spoken with several victims who have confirmed our reporting.