Bombshell: Teachers joked about naked test

The hits keep coming and the stories flowing out of North Kingstown get worse. Several victims of the “Naked body fat” test performed by a male coach at N.K. high have made allegations that teachers at the school knew about the test and joked about it ( has a policy against naming victims).  One of the victims claims when he was 14, a male teacher told him ” I heard you look good naked.” Another victim claims a female teacher joked she might start ” having naked tests. Sounds like fun!” Students claim they raised objections to being in a closet naked while the coach touched their body but were reminded the basketball team was special at the school. Several teachers have told they raised objections to the coach having students strip for him but were told the union contract was too strong and he could not be fired.  Several parents say they felt ” not getting naked for the coach” hurt the playing time their son received on the basketball team. This Saturday the school committee is having an emergency “closed door meeting.” No word yet if the committee will be forced to strip down.