How Burrillville high school got set up by the progressive left

The story of the Burrillville high school incident with Central Falls has been in the headlines, but the real story goes back to last spring. Several inner city high schools inquired within the RI Interscholastic League about receiving more funding for their school sports. Several schools, including Central Falls, also inquired if they could receive more state funding if some schools became”ineligible” to participate. What took place in Burrillville was a calculated attempt by progressive left individuals to make a play for more funding for their schools by portraying their opposition as racists. Watch for groups to appear on the scene who want funding for “diversity training” at suburban schools. Pay up or you are a racist. 

 If suburban schools can’t participate in school sports, the thought process was to make an argument that schools like Shea, Tolman and Central Falls deserved the funding set aside for suburban “white”schools. The situation that played out in Burrillville was a scam in which Burriville had to try and prove they were innocent as opposed to Central Falls proving they were guilty. The lie spread quickly to the media where the local TV stations showed students wearing red, white and blue and failed to emphasis the racist allegations were heard by one political activist from Central Falls who failed to produce one shred of evidence. Political activist like the wife of Mayor Elorza pushed the allegation as fact and participated in a smear campaign against the students and parents of Burrillville.

 In Central Falls, the story morphed into a bunch of “red-neck, racist,  pick-up truck driving, Trump supporters” who were threatening the Central Falls girls volleyball team with vicious racist threats, vile language and threats of violence. The incident was a complete fabrication which took advantage of Burrillville school administrators who were slow to defend the school and students. Burrillville is now on a one year probation, students have received death threats and the school band was even booed at a recent parade. The progressive activist have a victory and made an example of anyone who gets in their way. The question is which suburban school will be next to be targeted as white racists? Activist groups will demand money to help curb the racial atmosphere in suburban schools.