Senator Mack banned from TikTok

When is the protest? Where is the protest? Is it over gender? Race? Pronouns? Senator Twerking Mack announces she has been banned from the platform that provided her with her fifteen minutes of shame. Imagine the racist operators of TikTok having the nerve of banning a state senator from Camp street who twerks upside down? Senator Mack needs the platform to have serious discussions about abolishing prisons while she is upside down shaking her ass at the camera. The local media has been slow to respond to the latest turn of events with Mack ass after a week that was one of the most embarrassing collective group coverage inactions in recent memory. The Projo did zero coverage on the story since it was only covered by the number one show in cable news for the week. Ch 10 was refused an on-camera interview with Senator Twerk on Tuesday but gladly agreed to one on Thursday after Mack smoothed out her ridiculous talking points all while wearing the outfit of a nun. The most embarrassing aspect of Twerk-gate was Friday as CH 12 (who gave her the week to prepare), sat down and treated the interview as if they were dealing with a rational person. The CH 12 interview was uncomfortable to watch as Mack tried to spin the beach antics as the only way to reach woman of color concerned about abortion. Mack also waxed on about by shaking her ass upside down on Block Island it was leading to “really important discussions and serious conversations.” Sadly, all of this will come to an end on September 13, when Senator Mack will be beaten in a Democrat primary. She will no doubt blame the “systematic racism of voting” blah, blah, blah. Senator Mack has proven herself too immature to hold public office but will most likely go on to be some sort of activist in a larger city.