What happened in Cumberland

The Huard Family


There has been speculation about what happened in Cumberland June 22, 2022 on Birchwood Drive at the home of Eric and Courtney Huard. The couple were found shot dead on the first floor of their home with their three children inside. As a result in the delay of announcing the conclusion of the investigation, there has been speculation and rumor that perhaps there might be an arrest in the case and what happened was a different scenario than what was originally thought. DePetro.com has worked tirelessly on the case and can report the following: there will be no arrest in this case and it what happened was a tragic murder-suicide. Both victims died from two gunshot wound apiece, including the shooter. Because the shooter fired two self inflicted gunshot wounds, testing is being done to finalize a conclusion. Cumberland Police are expected to make a formal announcement regarding the case next month, but the police report will be that of a tragic murder-suicide. Thoughts and prayers go out to the three Huard children, and family and friends of Courtney and Eric Huard. It is impossible to speculate what enters the mind of an individual that carries out such an act and at this time DePetro.com will refrain from any reporting of possible motive. This incident has shocked all of Rhode Island and the focus of the community should be on attempting to comfort the three children and the extended families of the deceased. This reporting is from sources of police, family friends and first responders.

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