Media double standard on Democrats and Senator Mack?

Almost every Republican candidate running for office in Rhode Island is asked the following questions: what did you think of January 6?  Did Trump win 2020? Would you vote for Trump in 2024? Yet there no questions asking any Democrats the latest antics on State Senator Tiara Mack. Is her behavior appropriate for women in office or seeking office? Is she a role model to young women seeking office? Does she represent the Democrat party? Governor McKee was asked early on about the upside down beach twerking but it was all a big joke as the Governor played dumb an pretended he has not seen the video. What does Sabina Mathos think? What about Nellie? Is this the new woman in politics? Look at the comments made on Mack’s Facebook page. Is this a step forward? Why is the local media not asking Democrat women in office about Senator Mack? Why are Democrat women given a free pass on this? Will this lead to another embarrassing long form interview on CH 12? Where is Eileen Violet? Criticism of Senator Mack has nothing to do with race, gender or sexual preference although Mack swats away any negative remarks attributed to her because of her race, gender and sexual preference.  Senator Mack seems to feel invulnerable and might see how far she can push outrageous behavior never seen in state politics however none of it matters if she loses the September primary.

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LT Gov Sabina Mathos