Is the FBI closing in on McKee?

The office of Governor Dan McKee was rocked by the WPRI story reporting that the FBI is looking into The University Club on the East Side of Providence in relation to the current FBI probe of McKee. What is it about this club that the locals get dragged into events that involve the Feds? In 2002, The University Club had a major role in Operation Plunder Dome, which led to Mayor Cianci being sent to Federal prison for five years. The McKee staff was clearly caught off guard and will not comment on whether Governor McKee is cooperating with the FBI investigation. It seems difficult to understand how McKee can stand up on a debate stage while he is the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation. The investigation into McKee seems to be expanding and going into other areas as opposed to a tight focus and wrapping up. If McKee has nothing to hide, why is he not answering questions regarding the FBI probe?  The WPRI story is here-

Will McKee be indicted by the Feds? Who is talking? Who is the witness that has decided to cooperate?

Plunder Dome