Senator Mack tells voters to eat her butt

Senator Mack


The Queen of crude just took things to a new low-level. State Senator Tiara Mack has a new campaign theme where she is telling voters to “Eat Cake.” Apparently, that is slang for a crude expression of performing oral sex on a person from behind on the beach. Mack will try to spin her new crude image as one “that inspires confidence, and empowers people based on love and empathy” but she is asking voters to lick her ass. Mack has completely gone off the rails and uses every possible excuse to live “true to herself, unapologetically Tiara.” Such complete bs.

The above exchange shows a well meaning candidate trying to reason with Mack, but Mack makes it clear she is referencing Rihanna’s song birthday cake and laughs it off. It is all one big joke by Senator Mack who continues to raise money and her profile by being the new type of political candidate. Mack has a September 13, primary and faces a real challenge. Will her new campaign theme lead to another WPRI sit-down interview where she was allowed to  babble on in an alternate reality?  The voters will have the final say if they want someone else to be their state senator.