Biden unpopular in Rhode Island

How bad is President Biden doing in Rhode Island? Biden has a 43% approval rating and a 47% disapproval rating in a state he won with 57% of the vote. In a poll last month, Biden had a 35% approval rating in Rhode Island in handling the pandemic. Biden doing poorly in the poll hurts the Democrats running in CD-2 and could certainly effect the race for Governor. Dan McKee has tied himself to Biden which could prevent problems for McKee with voters in September. The Biden Presidency has been a disaster with Republicans expected to crush Democrats in the mid-term election in November. For a laugh, check out Biden numbers in West Virginia and Wyoming. What is more telling is how poorly Biden is doing in battleground states like Iowa, Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin. Gina Raimondo is part of an unpopular, failing administration with Biden and Harris.

McKee part of team Joe


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