Dating from jail

The fact Michael Marrapese is locked up at the ACI in Cranston for killing his ex-girlfriend doesn’t seem to effect him on a prison dating website. On March 19, 2019, Marrapese is accused of breaking into the apartment of his ex-girlfriend Lauren Ise and brutally killing her. The Marrapese trial has been delayed but apparently the accused is interested in meeting women online in the interim. Although it is presented as a Pen Pal site, people in the system believe it is actually a dating site for prisoners locked up and the women that want to have relationships with them. Why should someone waiting trial for murder be given online privileges at the prison? How much longer must the family wait for justice? Why has the state gone so soft on crime? The accused killer listed he is not on death row but has a murder charge pending. Maybe Rhode Island could have a version of The Bachelor but with inmates. What a sad state of affairs that inmates can be on dating sites as they await trial for murder.

Lauren Ise killed 3/13/19