Real reason Langevin leaving office


The platitudes came gushing in as Rhode Island Congressman Jim Langevin announced he will not be seeking another term representing Congressional District two in Rhode Island. Langevin was treated as a hero who lead the state through the pandemic and was a true public servant. Langevin claimed he was working too much and needed a break to do something else. The real reason is an explosive story about to hit regarding Langevin under investigation regarding stock trading. Langevin would feel obligated to answer questions and face constituents if he was seeking another term in office or was indicted, but will ignore the press as the story leaks out. Members of Congress are on the verge of banning stock trading among members of Congress since a small line in a bill can mean millions in a stock trade and having insider information on legislation is very valuable. Langevin ran into some trouble in his 2020 primary against Dylan Conley who raised the issue of the Congressman making a fortune off his brothers company in stocks. Langevin is getting out before a story hits revealing how he made a 31% return on option trading. Late last week a reporter for a national business publication called a member of the local media asking questions about the Congressman and his brothers finances. Suddenly today, Langevin is basically resigning.  Developing…


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