Craddock DMV investigation hits 9 month mark


Bud in blue

Nobody would ever accuse the Rhode Island State Police of moving too quickly on an investigation but the snail pace investigation of  the Bud Craddock at the DMV “landlord probe” reeks of something fishy. In June of 2021, Cranston Police raided sleazy sex massage parlors in Cranston, with one location owned and rented out by Bud Craddock of the DMV. Craddock, a former Cranston Police chief, claimed ignorance about his tenant despite the fact the women all arrived in one van in the morning, paid rent in cash and attracted out of state male customers.  Governor Dan Mckee ordered a state police investigation since the same thing  happened before with Bud just a few years ago. Craddock tried to argue he was not the landlord but rather “an employee”  of his wife and her real estate company ( whatever that means). Mrs. Craddock works in the office of the Speaker and is very politically connected. One state police source claims the investigation was completed before Labor Day but is just sitting there. First, Craddock hinted he would quietly leave but than changed his mind and stayed. Rumors are flying that Craddock has agreed to hire several troopers who are retiring in exchange for dropping the investigation. What could possibly take so long? Why does it take nine months to determine if the head of the DMV was knowingly renting to a brothel? State Police have been plagued by scandal as a trooper was caught having sex in his cruiser but still promoted and questions remain why state police were absent from the highways on New Year’s eve. The most active we have seen state police were arresting nurses outside the Cumberland home of Governor McKee in September.



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