Cumberland Farms suspects started at Greggs

North Kingstown Police have confirmed to the events that led up to three people in custody outside the Cumberland Farms on South County Trail in East Greenwich on Sunday July 25. According to the NK Police PIO, a customer leaving Greggs North Kingstown (near where Fiddlesticks used to be)  observed a rifle pointed out the window of a car with Massachusetts plates headed north towards East Greenwich and contacted police. East Greenwich police and North Kingstown police surrounded the vehicle at the Cumberland Farms where the passengers had allegedly stopped to buy some gum. According to police, the car had in fact dropped off a male passenger back at Greggs but pointed a BB gun out the window as a “joke” when an innocent bystander just saw the gun. All suspects were released with a warning on gun safety. Police would not comment on what the bystander ordered at Greggs or confirm if the suspects also bought a lottery ticket at the Cumberland Farms.