Cranston teen executed in gang war


Tatyana Francois of Cranston was sitting in a parked car around 11:30 pm Sunday night in a driveway on Japonica street in Pawtucket when two masked gunmen approached the car and shot her in the head. The nineteen year old seems to be the latest victim in a gang war that has spiraled out of control causing shootings and deaths to gang members, family and friends of gang members. Gang experts agree the increase in gang activity is due to the lawlessness of sanctuary cities that has permeated in Providence and surrounding areas. Progressive socialists have blamed the uptick in shootings on bad water, asthma and a housing crisis. So far there have been no protest by Black Lives Matter to call an end to the violence. No word on whether this was connected to the street gangs Buccet West, Buccet East or one the Providence gangs.