Photo: Sanctuary city rapist of Providence

The female illegals in Providence have learned the dangers of living in the Elorza sanctuary city in the form of Juan Carlos Martinez. Martinez is a demented, professional sleaze bag,  criminal rapist who would prey on women living illegally in the USA and specifically in Providence. Martinez ( status unknown) was sentenced to forty years at the ACI but  was let out in March without officials notifying I.C.E. Martinez is accused of luring female illegals into his house of horrors’ in Providence where he would sexually assault them. Martinez would allegedly threated to notify I.C.E. if the women told police and threated to get them deported. Juan Martinez is the result of Mayor Elorza running Providence as a sanctuary city of lawlessness with illegals, gangs, drugs, anarchist, and riots. Perhaps Mayor Elorza could apologize to the victims who were assaulted and terrorized by this sick criminal. We are working to determine his immigration status since no member of the media asked the question at the Tuesday briefing( John DePetro was on assignment and not present).

Juan Martinez, age 55, who was arrested by Providence Police on 1st Degree Sexual Assault charges. Anyone with further information related to this subject is asked to please contact Providence Police Detective Jeff Richards at (401) 243-6355.