The Pawsox road show begins

so long

 Get ready for the best dog and pony show the state as seen since the push to bring West Warwick a casino. Major money is at stake at the Pawsox owners and their supporters begin a series of ” public meetings” to get Smith Hill fully on-board the Pawtucket stadium train. Watch for a “pep-rally” style show filled with hats, shirts, and loud supporters. It would seem that the new Pawsox stadium is a done deal, with the lone exception of pretending the public actually has a voice. Watch for the unions to be out in full force with the prospect of building a public stadium with ” no bid” contracts and money no object. 

The only minor detail is to make an argument that gives the state reps and senators cover for when election season rolls around. The new stadium will be an ” I know a guy” dream with inside deals that would make Ed Diprete blush. Who is against the public financing the deal? Who cares? Since when does the Smith hill crowd care about anything that is a bad deal for the citizens who pay the bills. 

 If you are in the state senate and plan to vote no, plan on getting a primary next September. Get ready for the glitz and glamour. Senate is labor, Gina gets the donations, but what does the Speaker get?  Listen to the John DePetro Radio show for all the inside dirt, weekdays from 1:PM-5:PM.