Raimondo lost the Pawsox and Rhode Island wants to lose Raimondo


Raimondo Campaign

The legacy of Governor Gina Raimondo will be the Governor who drove Benny’s out of business and lost the Pawtucket Red Sox. Raimondo has been an unmitigated disaster as Governor of Rhode Island and will not see another four years on Smith Hill after the November election. You read it here first. In what could only be described as a combination of incompetence mixed with arrogance, Raimondo was exposed as an ineffective buffoon who was caught completely off guard by the Pawsox gang.  The Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker laughed at the notion Raimondo would ” go down swinging” trying to save the deal to keep the Pawsox in Pawtucket, as she was too busy campaigning to even find out what was going on.  

 How weak is the Governor of Rhode Island? Gina is still trying to fight off Progressive Matt Brown and was too afraid to even mention the name ” Speaker Mattiello” at her pathetic Friday night press conference. Sources confirm Mattiello instructed the Raimondo team ” not to mention his name” and Raimondo sheepishly went along. What a spineless, gutless jellyfish who only talks tough when it is politically convenient. Raimondo will go down in history as a governor “worse then Chafee” and we did not think that was possible.  The Raimondo poll numbers keep going down as the campaign has shifted into full fledged panic mode. Raimondo lost the Pawsox! McCoy will be the new version of where a place “use to be.” 

The roads are a mess, tolls are up, UHIP is now costing close to $700 million and businesses are leaving the state. Sources say the Pawsox owners had nothing good to say about Raimondo who they described as “weak and useless.”Sources also say the  Pawsox owners described the Speaker as ” slimy as they come and not a guy you want to do business with.” This time and there no “handshakes and hugs.” Raimondo and Mattiello are two elected leaders who are not ready for prime-time. To find out what is really happening in the state, listen to the John DePetro Radio Show.