BLM state Senator under fire for car accident

Senator Mack
a role model
so clever and classy.

What are we to make of this? Black Lives Matter activist turned elected state senator Tiara Mack has raised some interesting questions with her driving and driver’s license. The state Senate has been meeting on the campus of Rhode Island College due to COVID and apparently, Senator Mack was involved with some kind of accident on January 19 on the campus.  An online report that broke the story shows that Mack has a South Carolina driver’s license and was driving an unregistered car with Rhode Island plates. What? Normally that would mean the car would be towed. If she still has a South Carolina driver’s license, why was she allowed to vote and run for office in Rhode Island? Has she voted in the state of Rhode Island? How did she register to vote? Senator Mack has not responded to questions regarding this matter. What would happen to a regular citizen involved in an accident driving an unregistered car with Rhode Island plates?