If the election were held today, would Governor Raimondo be reelected?

 Can we vote again? Governor Raimondo is less than a full year into her second term and the wheels are coming off fast. The bad news is weekly for “the Guv” with no end in sight. So far in 2019 the state is ranked 50th for worst state to do business. The education scores released show the state is getting crushed when compared to Massachusetts. The Governor is now the subject of an Ethics Commission investigation into a no-bid $1 billion dollar contract. Twin River is dying due to new competition coming from Encore in Ma. UHIP received a $2 million dollar fine by the Feds and IGT and Twin River are publicly fighting in a messy dispute. 

Raimondo has an approval rating of 38% making her the second least popular Governor in the country.  Would Raimondo receive 4 more years if the election was this November?