McKee administration silent on latest fentanyl deaths

gov mckee

A wave of fentanyl spiked Percocet is causing overdose deaths all over Rhode Island, yet the McKee administration is staying silent and instead focusing on the new tourism efforts. Some blues (Percocet) spiked with fentanyl caused the deaths of two young people this weekend in Cental Falls, yet silence from the McKee administration and department of health. How many more will die from the latest wave of fentanyl spiked drugs, smuggled into the area from illegals, before the department of health issues a warning? McKee has urged his department heads to rally around his “All That” tourism campaign and stop focusing on negative issues like the bridge and opioid crisis. Rhode Island will soon open a free illicit drug center to test drugs for addicts and attract every junkie within 300 miles. So far, no warning issued over latest wave killing young people.