White supremacist group targets Cumberland library

pine at cumberland library 2/24/24

About fifteen social misfits called Pine showed up and peacefully stood outside the Cumberland library (hometown of Governor McKee) causing panic amongst the progressives and democrat party. It is certainly alarming when a group of this nature shows up, but there were no reports of violence or arrests. The Painters union put out dangerous false information that the group was “armed,” which could have set off police responding in a different way. As long as Hamas supporters can march around Providence, harmless hate groups like this can peacefully protest or gather in our country. Interesting certain media had no problem with 700 Hamas supporters chanting “death to the Jews,” yet 15 skinny kids wearing face masks is alarming. Seem to be an off shoot of 131 or Patriot front. Watch for the local media to race to get reaction from BLM.



cumbersome lol


they were not armed. complete lie.


pvd this was a dangerous group