Video: Who executed 17 yr old Emil Rodriguez?


Providence Police have not released any new details on the investigation into who killed seventeen-year-old Emil Rodriguez on Thursday night February 1, 2024.  The following is what has learned from street sources and people close to the investigation. On that Thursday night, a car pulled up to the Providence/Johnston line at Neutaconkanut Park on Legion Memorial drive. The passengers get out of the car and walk to the end of the street, including Emil Rodriguez. What happened next remains unknown other than Rodriguez was essentially executed with gunshots to the head. Sources tell us he may have been lured there under the guise of attempting to obtain a weapon. Although only 17, “Shoot first” (which was his social media name), Emil was known to police. Rodriguez was a troubled youth who rubbed some people the wrong way, was constantly in trouble, liked firearms and possibly linked to the gang GFM (God, family, money or go for the money).  Whatever happened on the night of February 1, nobody present called 911 or stayed to speak with police. Is it possible he was executed by someone who agreed to meet him that night? Possible, but the individual who drove him either knew the hit was coming or left and never reported it. If several people were in on it, it would be considered murder conspiracy. If you have information, contact this website, all tips and information are kept confidential. This murder will be solved.