Illegals run amuck in McKee Rhode Island

gov mckee

The topic that is never talked about in Rhode Island by local media, the Democrat party or the Republican party: illegal immigration. However, some high-profile incidents have caused voters to begin to question how bad and dangerous the situation is becoming. Governor McKee has done his part to make the state a sanctuary state by giving driving privileges, claiming illegals are “part of our economy,” and appointing Sabina Matos as his LT. Governor. Matos claims as soon as a person from foreign lands enter Rhody, they become a “Rhode Island citizen.” A major topic nationally is completely ignored locally by both parties and local press, despite the fact the border is a major issue for 2024. Republican State Senator Jessica De La Cruz went on NBC 10 and seemed to endorse accepting the Biden border buses carrying illegals. The Senator said,” if our house was in order” Rhode Island should take in all of the people on buses being shipped north from Texas and landing in NYC. It was a yes or no question. In the recent race in CD-1, at no point did the GOP candidate raise the issue of border security nor the state operating as a sanctuary state. According to the recent census, Rhode Island now has close to 100,000 illegals living in the state, making up close to 10% of the population. As state officials try to deny the state is a sanctuary state by definition, the fact is illegals are driving all over Rhode Island and are not treated any differently whether they are in Providence or Warwick.  Below are recent examples highlighting the growing problem that is ignored and never discussed.

Santiago killed by an illegal

A one-year-old boy in Pawtucket is strangled by his father, who is in the country illegally. The police report showed the panic involved when no one calls DCYF or 911 due to fear of being illegal. The father, being held at the ACI, told police he would punch his son in the face because “we do that in my country.” The mother of the child was picked up on immigration charges and is being held at Wyatt. The state never addresses the fact the impact it has on children.



Cranson suspect

Cranston police are searching for an illegal that tried to rape a fourteen-year-old girl on her way to Cranston East. Police are searching for the Spanish speaking suspect.

” if our house was in order, we should take border buses.”

The Rhode Island Republican party has not issued a press release in years on the subject of immigration. At no point as the GOP issued any legislation calling out McKee for running a sanctuary state.


The state makes national headlines as a dangerous illegal child molester is set free from the ACI instead of into the custody of ICE. Officials at the ACI said they were following McKee administration protocol to not cooperate with ICE.

illegal in coventry raped a girl at a party

Rhode Island is ranked 49th in the country for waiting times at hospital emergency rooms. The median wait time is four hours, mostly due to illegals using them as a free walk-in clinic.