Video: Arson suspect mother claims he was writing a song and angry


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The mother of North Providence arson suspect Kevin Colantonio told John DePetro her son was upset after being fired by Twins pizza, and it might have triggered him to try and burn down a black church. Marlyse Colantonio said her son suffers from mental health problems and was upset that “people of color got him fired” and mocked him at his job. His mom also claims Kevin, aka “Draco Voth,” is a goth guitarist and artist, and what the FBI found were song lyrics he had written. In a Facebook chat, someone name Michael seemed to trigger him and set him into action last weekend. Kevin Colantonio faces federal arson charges for setting fire to a church in North Providence that did some damage, but no one was hurt. His mother claims he is not a racist and “has black friends.” Listen to the interview below.


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