Did Mckee have the illegal alien child molester released?

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Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee continues to run the state as a sanctuary state and now it is making national headlines. An illegal Guatemalan felony child molester was released from the ACI, despite the fact ICE lodged a detainer on him. Governor McKee has provided driving privileges to illegals and echo’s LT Governor Matos that the state should take in as many illegals as possible. Mckee has issued strict guidelines at the ACI that demands officials not cooperate on immigration issues. There are now over 100,000 illegals living in Rhode Island, making up 10% of the population. Last week, an illegal alien father in Pawtucket strangled his one-year-old son to death in his apartment. Governor McKee has refused comment on the case. State officials try to deny Rhode Island is run as a sanctuary state, however there is no difference how a criminal is treated whether they are in Providence, Pawtucket, or any city and town. This illegal was released from the ACI in Cranston, and the ACI officials report to Mckee.

BOSTON — Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Boston apprehended an unlawfully present citizen of Guatemala Feb. 6 who is facing child molestation charges in Providence, Rhode Island.

“This Guatemalan national has disregarded U.S. immigration laws and has been charged with horrific crimes against a Rhode Island child,” said ERO Boston Field Office Director Todd M. Lyons. “We will continue to apprehend and remove egregious offenders who prey on the most vulnerable in our society. The men and women of ERO Boston remain dedicated to the safety of the residents of our New England communities.”

The Guatemalan national unlawfully entered the United States on an unknown date at an unknown location without being inspected, admitted or paroled by an immigration official.

Police in Providence, Rhode Island, arrested the Guatemalan national in March 2023 and charged him with felony child molestation.

Shortly after his arrest, ERO Boston lodged an immigration detainer against the Guatemalan citizen with the Adult Correctional Institute in Cranston, Rhode Island, where he was being detained. The facility ignored the ICE detainer and released him in April 2023 by order of the Sixth District Court of Providence. His case remains pending.

The Guatemalan national will remain in ICE custody pending removal proceedings before a federal immigration judge with the Justice Department’s Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). EOIR is a separate entity from the Department of Homeland Security and ICE. Immigration judges in these courts make decisions based on the merits of each individual case, determining if a noncitizen is subject to a final order of removal or eligible for certain forms of relief from removal.