Rhode Island now extending illegals SNAP benefits and cash

Rhode Island Governor Mckee is trying his best to lure illegals to the sanctuary state of Rhode Island by now offering SNAP benefits and cash assistance to illegals. Rhode Island DHS is now offering Refugee Cash Assistance for adults with NO children, will receive cash for eight months with no strings attached. Illegals are now immediately eligible for SNAP benefits which mean EBT cards. This language on the DHS website seems to be an increased effort to attract more illegals to Rhode Island by not enforcing what a “refugee” is. Governor Mckee wants to try and lure the buses of illegals from Texas that have been arriving in NYC, and instead get them to come to Rhode Island.  Taxpayers will pay the cost of this McKee ploy to try and sweeten the pot by bribing illegals to come to RI, all in an effort to obtain more federal aid. Cash payments and EBT cards for new arrivals, describing all of them as refugees.  Think of this: cash payments given for up to eight months to young men who enter the country illegally. No wonder illegals think they hit the lottery.