McKee Rhode closed

Governor McKee hides from the voters and trots out the director of RIDOT to announce 195 west Washington bridge will be closed for the next three months causing chaos, havoc and gridlock delays. The spineless Governor had no problem posing for the Independent man statue, the Army vs Navy Game and countless meaningless photo-ops for a variety of causes. But McKee is nowhere to be found when the 195 west bridge will be closed until spring. How much money is spent on RIDOT? Hundreds of millions in no-bid contracts are handed out and organized labor controls Smith Hill.  R. IDOT announces 195 west bridge will be closed by a phone alert to people in the state in amber-alert style. It is unimageable what private sector company would tolerate such sheer incompetence as the Mckee administration.  What about emergency vehicles trying to get to hospitals? This is a new low in a state that has seen lows. A sanctuary state with illegals flooding in, no private industry, high taxes and now crumbling closed roads. What a joke.

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