Update: Arrest made Smithfield heist

On Wednesday November 1, 2023, witnesses in the Crossing at Smithfield parking lot outside of Dave’s observe two Hispanic men trying to open the trunk of a black Acura. The two men (in broad daylight at 4:25) have no gloves and no masks, just a Sawzall, which they use to cut a lock on the trunk of the Acura. Witnesses watch as they open the trunk and remove three large suitcases, which they place into their silver Ford Edge SUV with Pennsylvania plates. The driver speeds away leaving his partner, who has to run to catch him and slid into the vehicle. As a witness dials 911, an employee of Dave’s comes outside and begins to touch the Acura. A bystander suggests the employee return inside the grocery store to page the owner of the black Acura. As police are arriving, a white male around sixty comes over and claims he is the owner of the black Acura. Witnesses described him as upset and he tells them he had $10 million dollars’ worth of diamonds in the three suitcases. The witnesses overhear the driver tell police he is a jeweler in Connecticut and was on his way back to Connecticut, when he thought he would stop to get free coffee at Dave’s, off route 44. This is basically the story the man has told Smithfield Police. Let’s unpack this.

First, let’s look at the thieves: two men (with no masks or gloves in daylight in a parking lot) go after the lock on the trunk of the Acura. How did they know how long he would be inside the grocery store? What if he was merely getting a pack of gum? How did they know he had millions in diamonds? They did not hide they identity and could be easily picked out of a line-up or on a surveillance camera. Let’s look at the “victim.” Who drives around with $10 million in their trunk? The maps on this page show various places he could have gotten coffee, without even leaving his black Acura. You have $10 million in diamonds in your trunk, so you park away from the grocery store and walk to the back of the store (away from the windows) to get free coffee. You are traveling to Connecticut, alone, with $10 million in diamonds in your trunk, and you park away from a grocery store to get a free coffee? Does this story make sense to you? Nobody saw the contents of the three suitcases, so they could have been filled with diamonds or with rocks. Story is developing.