Family of executed mother of four speak out

The family and friends of the mother of four executed early Saturday morning off Elmwood Avenue in Providence are upset and one friend claims she was in her pajamas at the time of the shooting. Brian Fernandez and his fiancée Srey Lakh Linah Ros were shot at close range inside their vehicle shortly after midnight on Hathaway Street in Providence by a shooter in the backseat of their vehicle. It is believed Fernandez knew the assailant and agreed to meet but was caught off guard by the deadly hit. Fernandez was known to police and believed to be involved with various aspects of criminal activity. The couple leave behind four children, including one year old twins. It remains unclear if the hitman knew Linah would be in the vehicle or thought Fernandez was traveling solo. The couple was pronounced dead at the scene in what police described as “grisly.” Street sources claim this was a designated hit on Fernandez, who sensed something was up and did not want to arrive alone. The couple met the hitman on Hathaway Street and the shooter climbed into the back of the vehicle. Story is developing.