Video: Providence police shoot and kill Burrillville chase suspect Pinto

police tend to a nurse, Pinto car on sidewalk
Police in front of Womens and Infants sept 15,2023


A wild chase that started in Northern Rhode Island ends up with two Providence Police officers using necessary deadly force on the suspect. Several sources close to the investigation confirm to that the deceased suspect was Michael Pinto. Pinto was known to police in Northen Rhode Island and had a run-in and chase with police on Thursday September 14. On Friday night, police spotted Pinto and proceeded to attempt to box him in. Burrillville Police fired on Pinto which began the chase south.  Because police fired on him, over police radio it was unclear if the suspect had returned fired on police. Providence Police picked up the chase on Federal Hill and followed him to Gay Street where he was driving erratically and at high rates of speed. The picture above shows Pinto’s vehicle on the sidewalk where a nurse from Women’s and Infant’s Hospital was pinned. Two Providence Police officers opened fire killing Pinto. A teen passenger was also in the vehicle. Pinto was in the news last year on animal cruelty charges. On-the-scene Live-stream was there with full coverage.