Video: Gang feud turns into Cranston prison emergency

A gang feud inside the ACI Maximum security in Cranston turned into a full-scale prison riot as the prison went into totally lockdown on Friday night August 25, 2023. Over 300 members of law enforcement were dispatched into a volatile atmosphere with the most dangerous killers in New England. According to Corrections sources, all summer long gang tensions have been brewing inside the jail with various beefs and outside shootings and retaliation. So, what happened? Some gang members jumped a rival gang member. A CO went to break up the fight and got a broken nose. After that, as many as 58 inmates refused to return to their cells.  Friday erupted into a full-scale riot with as many as sixty inmates involved and refusing to adhere to instructions. The situation was finally resolved sometime before 2:AM Saturday, a full seven hours after the fight. with all inmates back in their cells at 3: AM.  The state continues to get increasingly more dangerous with an anti-police Governor McKee who continues to welcome criminal cartel members into Rhode Island. Juan on-the-scene-Live-stream was first to arrive with exclusive footage in the videos below.