Suffolk County DA office refuses to answer questions on Rob Mac case


The following story contains communication this week between and the Suffolk County District Attorney office regarding the decision to no longer pursue charges against Robert McClanaghan “Rob Mac.” The following is not meant to question any details on the incident involving two adults but rather what lead to the subsequent arrest and statements by the Boston Police and District Attorney Kevin Hayden. sought to clarify the reason the case was not moving forward and received this response:

John—below is what we put out last week.  As stated, we’re not commenting beyond this.

Please see the attached Nolle Prosequi filed today in the Central Division of Boston Municipal Court regarding the case of Commonwealth v. Robert McClanaghan.  Also please see the statement from our office below.  We will have no further comment.

” Our responsibility in all cases is to follow the evidence wherever it leads.  In some cases that endeavor does not add up to a viable prosecution.  We have a duty to recognize that conclusion and to take the appropriate action when it is reached.  We have taken that appropriate action today.  Out of respect for the privacy of all parties involved we will have no further comment.” followed up with the D.A. office with the following questions:

I just have a few questions I hope you can clear up regarding the arrest.

-why did Boston Police post the details on Facebook on Saturday night November 19?

-why did the Facebook post merge into a public service announcement on spiked drinks?

– why was Robert McClanaghan not contacted prior to November 18, and asked to come in for questioning?

– what is the protocol for that type of arrest?

– why was it disclosed it was a joint investigation of the sexual assault unit and DA office?

– was this type of Facebook post done in the past?

– is it possible to view or release the video?

– Kevin Harden stated it was the first time anyone had been charged with drugging and raping. Has anyone been charged since?

I would appreciate any assistance in seeking answers to these questions. JD

DA Hayden

The D.A. office responded with this:

“Hi John.  We have no pending drugged rape cases.  I have no comment on your other questions. ”

There still seems to be many unanswered questions into the reason both police and the D.A. were so public with this case and seemed to think it was solid right before they didn’t.  To be clear, this line of questioning from has nothing to do with the night of November 3, 2022, but rather the chain of events that began on November 4, 2022. No pending drugged rape cases and this was the first one. Interesting.