Charlotte Lester Bombshell: Perkins kept bedroom hatchet

mark perkins

Below, being seen for the first time, are exclusive Warwick Police report documents that detail what was found in the home of Mark Perkins of 29 Staples Avenue the night of August 17, 2022, when Mark Perkins attacked John DePetro and Ladybug. Police found the orange ski mask Perkins wore while trying to kill DePetro with the running gas-powered lawnmower, and a hatchet in his bedroom. Who keeps a hatchet in their bedroom? Mark Perkins. It is also interesting Perkins lied and claimed, ” I didn’t do it, I blacked out.” Who blacks out at 7:PM at night? Why did he say he blacked out? Perkins would not allow Warwick Police to enter his home and when questioned said,” I didn’t do it. I don’t remember anything. I blacked out.” With the timeline of events, Perkins claimed he could not remember anything that happened 15 minutes prior. On the night of May 15,2022, Charlotte Lester was last seen at 10:PM heading up the hill in her red truck with her dog to 29 Staples Avenue and the home of Mark Perkins. In the minutes leading up to 10: PM. sources claim there was a fleury of phone calls between Lester and Perkins. Earlier that evening on May 16, Lester visited the People’s Liquor warehouse where sources have told she purchased wine for herself and beer for Mark Perkins. Read a portion of the police report below. A mystery remains with what happened to his mattress. Perkins got a new mattress. What happened to the old one?

ski mask and hatchet


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