Shock Poll: McKee lead down to 3

deal in Ed

A new poll making the rounds shows support for Governor Dan McKee has collapsed and the race for Governor has tighten to three to five points over Republican Ashley Kalus. McKee campaign goes into full meltdown as undecide voters are breaking for the challenger and the Governor has run out of gas. Suddenly, the Democrat Governors association is dumping over $250K into the race to try and save the sinking McKee campaign after the campaign reached out in desperation.  McKee is coming off a another bad week after the Boston Globe exposed a complete meltdown over questions asked about the FBI and test scores during a card game.  Big concerns loom over low-turnout in Providence and all of CD-1. Meanwhile, Ashley Kalus continues full speed on the attack and is closing the gap. This race is much tighter than anyone expected, especially McKee and his mother.