Inconsistencies in dog poisoning case? Updated

A story out of Cranston is causing controversy regarding claims that a dog was poisoned. Facebook followers have pointed out inconsistencies in the timeline of the alleged poisoning. The first post (below) claims the dog Kaiya was poisoned ON Thanksgiving. The second post (above) claims Kaiya was poisoned the night before Thanksgiving on the 23rd. Which is it? Readers also questioned why there is no lab report confirming this and how did they receive results back so quickly over Thanksgiving weekend? The owner first posted they know who did this to the dog, but then ask for the public’s help with any possible information. The owner claims, ” she was poisoned over my fence.” How does she know that? Was there a container found? How would the dog drink antifreeze without a bowl or container? Over $4200 was raised within 24 hours of the poisoning allegations. There have been no arrests in this case. has requested a copy of the lab results confirming the antifreeze poisoning. Story is developing. Story update: lab report has been provided.