Rob Mac tells friends he will walk free


Many in Rhode Island still in shock over allegations of Rob McClanaghan and the charges in Boston of drugging and rape. Below are some updates from publications following the story. Rob Mac has been speaking with various friends who have reached out to claiming the following:

-Rob Mac claims he will be cleared of all charges.

-He claims he was kidding with the victim when video caught him sprinkling something into her drink.

-Rob Mac told a friend police still have his phone.

-He claims he met the victim several times before that night.

-He claims he has several “friendly texts” from the victim on the morning after the hotel night.

-He claims he found the picture he texted her on-line and it was not of him and her.

Rob McClanaghan has been charged but not convicted and will get his day in court.

sprinkling over the drink from pants pocket.
collection of thongs found at Rob Mac home.
He put her in a collar
Boston Globe