McKee health scare

the gray looking Governor

The race for Governor took a sharp turn when word leaked that 71 year old Governor Dan McKee had an emergency health situation over the weekend. McKee had cancelled all events on Friday and had to cancel marching in the Columbus day parade on Federal hill. Observers lately noted how McKee had “a gray look” to him and speculation was the Governor was not well. Defenders of McKee noted this explained his short temper outburst lately simply because he did not feel well. The McKee camp has not disclosed: when did he have the emergency procedure? Was the Governor conscious or did he receive anesthesia? How long was he unconscious? Was Mathos notified and standing by? Is Mathos ready to take over as Governor? How is it “routine” if it was unscheduled? Is the pressure from the FBI probe taking a toll on his health?

Governor McKee will be 72 next year.