Rhode Island Census fraud


Rhode Island officials have now been caught and exposed nationally for fraud in regards to the state submission for the 2020 Census. Rhode Island has been charged with double counting residents in a fraudulent attempt at preserving two seats in Congress. How did the state do it? Lets start with paying illegals to fill out the Census and bragging about it. Of course the effort was run by Gina Raimondo and Dr Scott. The real number is the state lost over 10,000 residents.


Boston Globe

We are to believe close to 45,000 new people moved into Rhode Island? Anyone paying attention know that people are leaving the state for places like Florida and South Carolina. This story mentions that the effort to lure illegals to register for the Census worked with a budget of $1.6 million, with the bulk of the money given out to illegals.

each illegal paid $20 to fill out the census-Boston Globe


In Olneyville, they started handing out $20 to each illegal to fill out a census, and spent $880,000 to convince 44,000 illegals to claim they are residents of Rhode Island.

Boston globe

LT Governor Sabina Matos wrote an op-ed where she explained they worked hard to convince illegals to fill out the census and stress they would not be deported. Matos also has stated she considers all illegals living in the state “Rhode Island citizens.” The number two person in the state giving gifts to illegals to fill out a form.