Final days of McKee?

gov mckee
gov of RI

Will he be less than won and done? Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee was handed a gift of becoming Governor and two billion dollars to spend. The rest is history. Governor McKee has tried every trick he knows from throwing money around, bribing state workers and tapping a Latina as his Lt. Governor yet he finds himself on a sinking ship with polling numbers that will only go down. This week, Gov McKee was rocked with a CH12 poll that has him tied for the lead with rival Nellie Gorbea in a poll of likely Democrat primary voters. The poll has a 37% undecided but they usually break for the challenger. The problem is the voters of the state have seen the McKee administration for over a year and have decided they will pass on four more years of it. Scandals, flip flop decisions and an FBI probe do not inspire confidence. McKee seems bitter and angry at the media and seems to change his mind on at least one major issue a week. First, he will debate until he won’t, until he decides he will. No RIPTA buses for the summer to the beaches until he changes his mind and says there will be beach buses. The McKee staff must suffer from whiplash the manner in which he changes his mind. Governor McKee will seal his fate when he signs the new voting laws that Nellie came up with which will make the state an outliner in New England. Rhode Island has a reputation of corruption and so Smith Hill felt the voting regulations should match the corrupt image. Rhode Island should just abandon ballots and have people write their votes on old lottery tickets. McKee has poor poll numbers and the negative TV ads have not even started yet. FBI probe boom! McKee also is facing a lack of respect problem with the likes of Matt Brown openly slamming him on TV saying McKee may not run and is not “engaged” in governing. How bad is it for Dan Mckee with the voters? President Biden has higher approval numbers.

Nellie with speaker Nick and rep Tobon.