Diossa blames Gina for Census fraud

Former Mayor of Central Falls James Diossa is claiming he was merely following orders from then Governor Gina Raimondo when the Census Count Committee fraudulently submitted 55,000 phantom people in the 2020 Census. Diossa, who is running for General Treasurer, has told associates he will “not be the fall guy for Gina” when it comes to any investigation on the Census Fraud. Diossa made it clear to the media it was Gina running the show and Dr. Nicole Alexander Scott was equally involved. Watch for the finger pointing to continue as an investigation begins on who gave the order to commit census fraud. Sources claim Diossa was chosen for his role with the promise of bigger things if he would “go along to get along.” Diossa, known as a light weight yes-man, seem to relish his position with the Census Committee and would not question direct orders on the fraud activity taking place. Raimondo, who is now Commerce Secretary under Biden, does not need a controversy as talk heats up about her and a possible Presidential run for 2024. Sources close to Diossa claim he never would have submitted numbers that did not match up and describe him as a convenient patsy who thought he was going to be the next LT Governor under McKee. Diossa was apparently promised a chance to meet President Biden if he would go along with the fraud.