Bob Kerr and Nick Alahverdian

all lies

The expression on Twitter of ” this did not age well” refers to a tweet sent that later proved to be wrong. The columns of Bob Kerr of the Projo regarding Nick Alahverdian are another level of ” did not age well.” The international con man known as Nicholas Alahverdian played many people as he faked his own death, ripped people off and used various aliases but no one was played more than former Providence Journal columnist Bob “comrade” Kerr. Comrade Kerr used the lies and made up stories of Alahverdian in both his columns and stories about the “courageous soul” who dared to take on the system. Alahverdian repaid Kerr for the endless stream of propaganda by writing his own tribute to Kerr, shortly after Bob Kerr left the Projo.

Kerr was apparently unaware he was creating a monster by printing the ridiculous lies told by his pal Nick but it seems he never bothered to fact check any of the outrageous claims. Was Kerr aware Alahverdian had multiple sexual assault charges against him? Did Kerr mind that Alahverdian would threaten people he “owned the ProJo” and would ruin the life of any woman that accused him? Bob Kerr was content to write the lies spun by Nick Alahverdian because he felt it helped his career and column at the Journal. Kerr once wrote a column criticizing radio host John DePetro who raised questions on the radio about the claims being made by Alaverdian in the Kerr column. Kerr ate up the made-up stories of rape and abuse because readers responded to it and he felt plugged in. Did it bother Bob Kerr that the outrageous stories told by Alahverdian of being repeatedly raped, tortured and beaten in the state care system were lies and cost some people at DCYF their careers?  Kerr had his boy who was willing to go on the record and they became fast friends. Despite numerous officials telling Kerr the stories were not true, Kerr ignored them, wanted them to be true, and by printing them he made them true. It is ironic that ProJo writer Tom Mooney owns the current story and has blown Alahverdian out of the water. Bob Kerr helped the pathological con man rise to the next level with his fawning columns of Alahverdian.




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