Killer smiles and laughs at ACI


The pathetic car crash killer of Olivia Passaretti doesn’t seem to be very upset or remorseful behind bars. In photos exclusively obtained by, Aramis Segura is seen laughing and joking speaking with visitors behind bars at the ACI in Cranston. On New Year’s Eve, Segura announced he would get drunk and crash into someone that night and that was exactly what he did when he purposely crashed into the car driven by 17-year old Olivia Passaretti of East Greenwich. Olivia was killed in the crash as Segura fled the scene and was later caught hiding under a bed at the home of his finance. The killers finance, Alicia Peckham, has also taken to social media to spin a tale of woe of ” an accident” and her lover was “selfish” for running away. Pressure is building on Attorney General Peter Neronha to bring a murder charge against the career criminal who was crying and limping in the courtroom. Last weekend, 1000 people rallied outside the office of the Attorney General demanding Justice for Olivia. Hopefully Segura will be charged with murder so he can continue to enjoy himself behind bars.

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