Governor Dan Mc-greed

gov mckee

Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee took over the office of Governor in March of 2021 and a very different picture has emerged than the one presented while he was LT. Governor. McKee and has shown himself to be the “I know a guy” governor with one slippery deal after another. Not since Ed Diprete has the state had such a slippery CEO who always seems to be launching hidden back-door deals uncovered by the media. A land deal here, a contract there. The latest scheme involves giving “bonuses” to state-workers to get vaccinated. The regular taxpayer was offered a $1 dollar scratch ticket but in an attempt to get union votes Governor McKee tries to slide Council 94 union workers $3,000 each. In Massachusetts, Governor Baker mandated all state workers get vaccinated. In Rhode Island, McKee attempts to buy union votes with Covid relief money. No wonder he is hiding out of state for twelve days. Watch your wallet and check the fine print when dealing with the McKee team.