Will Brown tear Smith Hill down?

Matt Brown announces his 2022 campaign for Governor in an unprecedented manner of taking no prisoners and looking to redefine and replace the Democrat party in Rhode Island. Never has a Democrat candidate for office basically declare the party a ” corrupt political machine” that needs to be destroyed. The party hack ( who wished a friend of Senator Whitehouse a Covid death)  tried to swipe back at Brown but the battle is underway and the lines are being drawn into a nasty Democrat party civil-war. Brown is a tremendous organizer who seems to have hit his stride and is ready to replace the current power structure on Smith Hill with a growing number of progressive/socialist that want to turn Rhode Island into Venezuela.  Running as a ticket as Governor and LT. Governor makes Matt and Cynthia seem stronger and more united.  Progressives know how to run campaigns and the primary next September will decide the future of the state.  Matt Brown makes the establishment nervous and for good reason. Brown is a smart, charismatic opportunist who has never waited his turn or follow party rules. 2022 may be his time as the moderate Biden party seems headed for a crash.